Granny’s back #02

Its been a while!

I got sidetracked. In a good way. I developed another website, especially for my poetry.

This site was, and is, about being a granny. What sort of granny? Not sure. I don’t really think of myself as a granny for 100% of the time. I am my job title. A breadwinner. I’m Mum. I’m (the important) half (hehe) of a long term relationship. But I am also a grandparent to six (yes, it’s six now) amazing young people.

I love being a granny. Although I prefer, and am known as, Nanna.

I have lots of ideas for this website, but not a lot of time. I am thinking about recording the demise of my faculties. My aching joints, my chronic guts  and my fight with calories, exercise and wine. The three demons that fight me in the day and torment  my conscience  in the night.

My weapons are my brain, my grandchildren and music. I intend to stimulate all these three areas, combine a bit of yoga (too quiet) and dance (oh my poor hips) and the laughter those young people provide, and hope to live a long life like my mother but with more mental awareness to enjoy it.

So to bring this up to date, here is my latest dilemma.

I got caught “speeding” up wortley road at 35 miles an hour and have the option of £100 fine and three points or a speed awareness course which costs “from” £85. Heres my progress so far.

So for now I have to fight the current battles. More later.

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Granny’s back

So this blog will start as being a learning blog to myself, to sort out how to make my blogsite work. Specifically, to work as I want it to.

I’d like to share some poetry. It’s quite diverse – some funny, some serious, some downright weird! I like weird.

I’m  compiling my work into a publishable format too, but thought it might be fun to just stick stuff on here and see how it looks.

I’m struggling to get my head round “links”. Not sure about how to get feedback without beng overun with chinese spam comments, and need to work out using twitter and how to get people to look at my stuff.

So I think it will get messier before it gets better. I think i may be trying to learn too mch at once – my brain is hurting already. Time for breakfast, I think.

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Hello world!

I might put some music or pictures here.

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