Waterfall Photos.

These are all genuine pics of waterfalls I have visited. Only the Yorkshire ones, although any waterfall is good, Yorkshire is best, obviously 😉

High Force (Teesdale, just outside of Yorkshire)

Stock Ghyll Force, Ambleside, Lake district. It’s not Yorkshire, but the scenery in that area is outstanding.

Hayburn Wyke, Cloughton. Just north of Scarborough. Great pub, great food, then take a stroll through the field at the back, down to the shore and find this sweet waterfall.

Mallyian Spout, Nr Goathland. A long walk, down many steps and across the rocky river bed. Wow! Lovely. Took my legs 3 days to recover though!

We didn’t manage to get to Thomason Foss, but saw it from the North Yorks Railway when we took the train the next day.

Falling Foss, a waterfall just outside Whitby, was a bit of a challenge and we didn’t get much of a view. These pics are from the top, outside the tea room.

Its a lovely area to walk around if you have the stamina for it. Lovely tea room

Gastack Beck Bottom Nr Dent. Photo by Jeff Wood Photography. I’ll add this to my list of Yorkshire places I have yet to visit.

Photos of Stainforth Force, Stainforth. We hoped to see the salmon jumping up, but we were a week or so too late