New Year, New Start, New me.

Today I walked round my local park – 3 times!

The park has been set out with distance markers so that going around once  is half a mile. So I’ve done 1.5 miles. Doesn’t seem much, does it? But I am delighted.

Only a few years ago, I struggled to go around just once. I trained for about three or four months until I could get around it four times – 2 miles. The ultimate aim was to walk the 5km (3.17m) for the Race for Life charity walk. I was so pleased at that stage I was confident I would be able to do the 5k – and I did it!

More ill health meant I didn’t do much of anything physical for quite a while, but this year I thought it was time to try to get a bit fitter instead of fatter. Today was my first proper walk. It was frosty and dull. I expected that it would be a struggle (it’s up hill one way and downhill the other) but it was much easier than I had thought. It doesn’t mean I am fit – just makes me realise how unfit i was when I was ill before.

So I walked round twice, and up the hill for the third time, then jogged back down the other side. I came back elated with a cold face but very pleased with myself.

I had a hot shower – thinking about how to maintain some exercise during the week. I may have to do some walking in my lunch hour! Well it’s too dark when I get home at the moment.

And what about food! That’s the difficult part!

I’m coeliac, so I need a gluten free diet. That’s generally OK, because I can’t be tempted by fast food and cream cakes. But I still take in more calories that I burn off.

So Now I’m looking at how to keep the calories down – just a little. Then with my newly discovered exercise ability I should manage to drop that dress size in time for a little holiday in May – and I’ll be prepared for the Race for Life this year too.

If you have any ideas on where i can get ready meals that are gluten free let me know – I dont want recipes, just something i can stock in the freezer and take to work for my lunch. Some of the Weightwatchers meals look yummy, but NONE of them are gluten free (as far as I have found). Most others that are Gluten free are “foreign” – curries and peppery things, which I’m not keen on – and high in calories too! I’ll report back myself later when I’ve found some solutions. My new Coeliac Society Food and Drink directory has just arrived so I will have a look for ideas there.

It’ll be Slimfast drinks for a while I think!

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