Poems are more than words. They are feelings. Landscapes. Caverns. Sky. They can reach deep within you, and soar high above you. Touch your soul and heal, or break, your heart.

Thats the deep side. But they can be fun too. Laugh at yourself. Recognise the crazy world we live in – the things people do and say, and the way we react.

I like rhyme, and rhythm, but prose has its place too – there’s still a flow that lets you know when it sounds right.

I’ve read poetry from a young age and was excited to start writing my own verses when I was about eight years old.

Through the cycle of life, the subject matter, the style and mood of poetry writing changes. As a teenager –  moody angst.  Being in love – Oh the pain! Becoming a mother – the joys and fears. Living family life – so much fun! Troubled times – dark feelings.

I won’t be putting all my poetry here. A snapshot or two – just to see how it looks.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Update – my poetry is now at www.yorkshirepen.co.uk

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