Health and Frustrations

This page is not about aches and pains and a winge. I might sometimes rant about things that make life difficult. I might sometimes praise things that make life that bit easier, happier.

Two rants first.

Rant 1.

I went out for a meal, to a restaurant that advertised gluten free options on their menu. (I’m coeliac. For info see ). Enjoyed the meal, although I was a bit naughty and had the chips, then ordered the apple crumble and custard dessert. They didn’t have any! It was the reason I had gone there, and they didn’t have it! I wanted to give them the dinner back, but I’d eaten it. I was really disappointed. Plan: next time, I will order the dessert first. Who wants piping hot custard anyway?

Rant 2

Hospitals. Well I was rushed in, by ambulance to A & E about 9pm one evening, with a suspected heart attack. It wasn’t, but after about an hour it was decided that they would keep me in overnight and do another test in the morning. But there were no beds available, and I spent all night, till 5am, on a hard trolley in a cubicle in the noisy A & E department. At about 5am, a bed was “found” for me, I was admitted to the ward, slept for about 90 minutes before being awoken, blood test, blood pressure – all the usual, and discharged at about 11 am.

Fortunately I have health insurance which pays me a little bit if I have to stay overnight in hospital. The claim form has to be signed by the hospital staff and stamped with the official stamp. So I went back a while later, form in hand. They look up the relevant date on the computer, and it says I was only there from 5am to 11 am – the time I spent on the ward. Time on A & E doesn’t count – even though I spent more time there than in the hospital bed! Therefore, for the purpose of my health insurance, I was not there overnight, and can’t make a claim. Not Happy.

In praise of….

Silicone oven gloves. Fantastic. The “one” we have (bought by my son for his dad for Christmas, ) comes well over the wrist. It’s padded and feels comfy and safe. No danger of damp getting through (which conducts the heat – a major problem with our old oven gloves) Hubby hopes he will get another one for his birthday 🙂

But not so keen on …

Silicone bun cases. Seemed a great idea, but two problems immediately apparent.

1. Buns taste a little bit plasticcy

2. When you take buns to a family tea – the recipients don’t know you want the cases back and you have to go round looking in the bins for them.


I used to have a CD player. I could turn it on, put a CD in, press play, and the sound came out of the integral speakers.

The new one had separate external speakers which had the be plugged into the back of the player, and I had to adjust each speaker.

The next speakers were plugged into  separate mains supply, and picked up the sound remotely from a little box which plugged into the back of the player. This was great for having speakers in separate rooms, except the stereo effect sort of didn’t work!

Next it was decided that we could store all our music on a hard drive and play the music through our computer. So then I had to turn on the computer, log on, connect to the server which was connected to the hard drive with the music on, select the songs and load them onto a media program, turn on the computer speakers and listen to the music. The CD’s were not needed.

The latest is a little wifi computer which can play music from the server. You can unlock the screen by rolling your thumb up it, apparently. I’ve no idea how it works and I’m too disallusioned to fathom it out.

Some of the music was then put onto CD.s in a different format  – MP3s- so several items could be on one disc, so I could play them in my car without having to have the originals at risk of theft in the car. This was great. I could play whatever music I wanted, as loud as i liked, every time I got in my car.

Recently we had to start sharing my car. Then I got a new player which could take an SD card and a USB stick as well as plays CDs and MP3s. The old player was taken out (with a brill disc still in it – never to be seen again) and the new one has a SD card in. My favorite music is now on a USB stick under the player and i cant fiddle to find it while I’m driving. The radio can’t find a normal BBC radio station and some of the music on the SD card is not to my taste. The buttons to change the tune are tiny, there are eight of them and you can’t see which one to press when you are driving, the instructions in Chinglish and you have to have the volume of 50 just to hear it.

Today we brought the CD player in from the shed, plugged it in, put a CD in it and pressed play. Magnificent sound came out of the speakers and the room was alive. Yes! It worked. Fantastic. We had just agreed to give it away!



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