Bathroom – all change 2020

From a steam shower cabinet to a corner bath tub.

This is a pictoral story of the change we made to our bathroom in 2020.

It started in the new year. After a long search we managed to find a warehouse with some small corner baths on sale. The logisitcs had to be worked out well. The shower cabinet had to be removed and a new shower fitted, the bathroom needed to be tiled in the corner and the tiling had to fit in with our son’s availability to do it for us.

There were many problems along the way. Neither of us are as fit and strong as we used to be and everything took longer than we expected, but we started to see progress. Until it was finished, we had to wash in the sink – we even washed each others hair!






With the tiling done, and a ledge for the bath to sit on, the bath was in position. I had the task of levelling and tightening the legs under the tub, and fastening brackets in place to fix it to the wall. Our grandson helped with the grouting.

Because the tub came from a clearance sale, there was no bath surround panel for it. We were given one, but it was for a larger bath. SO some mathematical measuring and cutting were needed to get it in shape, although we knew the curve would be a challenge to fit. But we did it! Getting the shower curtain rail up was another challenge. One of the things we had not anticipated was that the tiles we had put on were extremely tough to drill into. In fact, we bought a special drill bit – and that only managed to do one side of the holes we needed for the curtain rail!

We found some good shower curtains in our local B&Q before they closed down, with colours to match existing decor. I was pleased when we could at last have a shower!

All this was in the first months of 2020, Just before the COVID_19 lockdown. The old shower cabinet is still (in pieces) in our spare little bedroom. It will stay there until – who knows when!

Here’s a poem I wrote about the project.


so tired tonight

day five of renovations

and aching limbs

skin tight

eyes closing

mind dozing

heavy head

really need a shower

must go to bed

perhaps another forty hours or so

the bathroom will be done.


The bathroom tiles we bought from Wickes

are not just tiles, nor any type of tile or bricks

that we have ever known

impervious to any threat

no hammer drill can drill them. Yet –

with muscled limb and diamond tip

he battles on, determined.

And gradually a little chip of hope.


But it may still be a rallied call

to get the curtain rail up at all

The ceiling tiles are so much softer

Than the tiles on the wall

I hope it holds there

At least until I’ve washed my hair.


Our mental maths is not like bygone days

when minds were sharp and sums were easy

now we measure more than twice

and ponder longer, cut it longer

just in case we got it wrong again.


I want  the tools back in the box

and the box go to the junk yard in the sky

and next time there’s a chance for home improvement

We can remember this latest DIY:

the cost, the measuring, the cutting and the stress,

and be glad the tools have gone,

and be content without the aching muscles and the mess.