Isolation day 5

Saturday 21st March 2020

Well first the good news.  The test for COVID-19 for my grandson came back today – and it’s negative. He came home from hospital, and although he still has a cough and bit f a temperature, he is mostly OK

So my virus count of people I know personally is still zero.

Government restrictions have moved swiftly on since Tuesday. Bars restaurants and all public meeting places were told to close at the end of business yesterday and will not be allowed to reopen until further notice. School children attended their last day yesterday – for some, an unexpected end to their school life, or junior school life. There are to be no GCSE or A level exams this year.

Other national events – all sports and Eurovision song contest, are cancelled.

The Queen has de-camped to Windsor.

On a more personal level: Caravan holiday for Easter cancelled/postponed. Trip to Liverpool at end of March cancelled. My poetry talk on 26th March Cancelled. Tour and talk at Chapel on the Bridge cancelled. All activities at local community centre – yup – cancelled until further notice.

The car broke down – well, it failed to start – on Wednesday so now we have no vehicle. And as we can’t go socialising, and there’s hardly anything in the shops, it won’t matter too much if the car is out of action for a week or so too.


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