The Driving Licence

Well I  got a photo done for the driving licence. It cost £6 and it’s even worse than my passport photo. But I got the application form filled in and sent off. It was Wednesday morning, but the postbox collection was at 9am, and I’d missed it, but at least it was in the box and on it’s way. The Friday after, nine days later, and I was still waiting for the licence coming back to me! Perhaps DVLA missed the post collection too! It finally came today, Saturday.

As you may recall from my previous post, I couldn’t book my awareness course without my driving licence number, so I was keen to do that as soon as it arrived in the post. So I got out the letter from the police department – and then read the top line.. I needed to book onto the course within 14 days of the letter. Today was the 15th Day! Still, I couldn’t have done it before, and it’s the weekend so hey ho I just cracked on and started to look at course venues and dates. I wanted a Wednesday, as that is my day off and it would save me having to take a holiday day. There was nothing available this side of Christmas at my chosen venue so I picked my second choice venue, which offered a course on 8th November. Went to the next stage. Put all my details in AGAIN! The response – nothing available choose a different date. Could not go back and choose a different venue, or even just look at it again. So I had to go with this venue and the earliest Wednesday I could have is 10th January next year! Well that’s that. And I have a shiny new driving licence card safely stored in my purse, never to be lost again.

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