Home, after a Luxury Mini Break

The appreciation and joys in being back home after a “luxury” self catering lodge mini break

#1 Your own toilet seat, which does not slide over to the side when you sit down
#2 Your own mattress, which does not have springs that cause actual bruises on your thighs
#3 the knob on your toaster that adjusts the browning level is not missing
#4 you can open your door , without needing to eat a dish of Popeye’s spinach
#5 your cutlery drawer has cutlery in it.
#6 your pan cupboard has pans in it.
#7 your dinner plates are not the weight of encyclopaedia britannica
#8 you have wine glasses!


We paid for what we thought would be something a little bit special. After all it was our first excursion awa y from home since the strict lockdown (we are still only three quarters out – the last level has been put back to mid July)(started this post in June)

Initially, the two bedroom lodge looked lovely. Access was through a n unlocked, but taped up, door with sanitised keys in a sealed bag on the dining table. this was in accordance with Covid regs and cleaning/paperless check in. There was the inclusive bottle of rose wine (Jack Rabbit- my favourite) and all seemed in order, and we were impressed. It was short lived. I spotted grey cup-ring marks on the coffee table. I unpacked the detergent and new cloth and ran some hot water. I started to give the little wooden table a wipe – and from there, the cleaning began! It was FILTHY! Tables, Kitchen worktops, coasters… where do you stop? Even in non-covid times this would be unacceptable on taking on a holiday let accommodation. Other faulty things and missing items added to the irritations.

Insult to the injury – the holiday  was booked especially because it included  swimming pool and steam room. Sessions had to be pre-booked to keep to the government allowed numbers. Fair enough. The steam room was not bookable, even though the pool was open for booking. The changing rooms were closed, so it was expected that you arive ready to swim and leave in the same attire. (The lodge was too far from facilities to walk there)

We did not intend to cook in the lodge. But the on-site “canteen ” was too noisy with “entertainers” on microphones so loud that even children had to cover their ears. So we shopped and bought meals for a couple of days.

The only pans were so badly marked they were unusable: Housekeeping had to bring us new ones. The new frying pan was non-stick but there were no suitable utensils – explains why the old ones were ruined. Housekeeping also – at our request – brought us an extra duvet. Not because it was cold, but to put on top of the mattress as the springs were so uncomfortable. I was actually bruised, even with the extra padding.

Although the location is right alongside the sea, there is no access to the beach, so no sand between to toes for me.  Another disappointment

We left a day early, which was not a day too soon.

Update. We did complain, and got a refund for the night that we didn’t stay.

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