Lockdown Exit plan

Boris has now issued his plan for getting us out of Lockdown.

It began this week. On March 8th, schools re-opened. All seniors are being tested in school. These tests have a rapid results process so within 20 minutes or so they can be freed to continue, or , of course, advised if they test positive for the virus.

My daughter who works in a school also has tests twice a week. She had Covid in September, and as she is asthmatic, she had a priority vaccination first jab on 12th February – same day as my hubby who is in the current age group for the jab.

The weather has been a bit grim – usually starting with lovely sunshine but turning cold and dull. We had some snow in February, but it didn’t affect us much. Not going anywhere anyway!

We’ve made a start on the pruning in the back garden, but neither of us is very fit or energetic. The whole of the garden is a daunting project that has to be tackled. Well we made a start anyway.



One hundred and two

Sailed away on the Mayflower

To  America


Rough sea, just drifting

Wonder they made it at all

Plymouth to Cape Cod



September sixteen twenty

The Pilgrim Fathers



Haiku acknowledging the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower to America.

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