Second Lockdown

On November 4th we entered the second lockdown. As South Yorkshire was already in tier three I thought this would not make a great deal of difference. But with non essential shops closed, it did make a depressing feel for the coming season. How will we get through winter? What will Christmas look like. Tonight it is confirmed that the lockdown will end on 2nd December as planned, but then we will see where our area is in terms of the tiered restrictions again.

I had a letter from my hospital reminding me “don’t go shopping, shop on line” which is like the shielding of the earlier lockdown, without calling it shielding. Then a letter from the local council with the same message. Then a phone call from the coucil’s voluntary sector checking I am OK mentally.

I am doing OK. Very well. I have painted two walls, up a ladder, using a paint pad. I have painted pictures with acrylic paints in my shed. I have walked round the park with my daughter or my neighbour, I have baked. I have been so busy I still have things to do tomorrow.

I have shopped on line – not just for groceries, but for Christmas gifts too. Soon we will discuss Christmas plans. We might postpone a get-together till new year, when the kids have been out of school for two weeks.

Vaccination is becoming a reality on the horizon. All done by Easter? Bring it on.

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