Second Wave

South Yorkshire was moved from tier 2 to tier 3 – the highest level – last week.

Lockdown without the lockdown

Schools kept open, allowing bubbles to pop to mix and spread the disease all the way back home.

It’s harsh when the first person you know that actually has the virus is your asthmatic daughter and her son. My daughter works in a local high school. There is no doubt that’s where she picked it up. Although it could have come from her son’s school, which closed two of it’s school years the week after he tested positive.

Pubs that serve food kept open. Only in households, only up to six people, and only alcohol with your meal.

You can’t invite someone into your back garden, but you can walk round the park, 2 metres away from them. You can’t have your brother in your house, but the gas man can come in to service the boiler.

There’s no ketchup or brocolli in the shops again.

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